I have a dream…

June 4, 2010

I have a dream that one day in the future, I will establish a charitable institution purely out of sincerity to help people in an unfortunate surroundings.

I have never thought that I am a humanitarian global citizen who has the passion or a future plan to do service for the better human kind. To be frank, I was not such a person before; I lived by the law that “I” always comes first before anyone else. However, after visiting the flower village–Kkottognae in Korea–for community service hours, I ended up with the alien plan for my career.

Before I earnestly write about my experience in the flower village, I would like to give a brief information about my attitude toward religion. I am a strong atheist; I prefer not having a religion and bear hostility towards certain religions. The following Youtube video explains thoroughly about my religion.

When I went to a community center to aid foreign immigrants to get medical help, I felt insecure when the the head of the community center suddenly stepped on the podium and gave a speech to believe in God. All of a sudden, volunteers and immigrants started to pray zealously and I just stood there dumbfounded, I didn’t know what to do. Not only that, but also, when I was delivering the medicines to the immigrants, I saw a group of leaders disgorging slurred words in a fast pace in dark corner. They preyed to God in a monotone with their tightly clasped hands, closed eyes, curved shoulder. The man who was leading the prayer was shaking violently as if he was scared of something that I could not see; it resembled a feeble figure of human that was confessing his sins towards the divine being. I suddenly made a poker face with stiffened facial muscles and got goose bumps. I could not fake my faith towards God, but at the same time I was scared of their fanatical devotion in religion; There was the urge to participate in their praying, because I felt as if they were going to do me harm if I stated that I don’t believe in God.

Flower Village was found by Fr. Oh Woong Jin in 1986. The following is a direct quote from the Flower Village website: “Flower Village is a Catholic community, which provides the homeless and the abandoned with care and love in the hope that they will realize the love of God and find peace as the children of God.” Please visit the following website for more information:


The experiences that I had in the Flower Village made me anti-religious. Before I went their to do community service, I was aware that the community was founded by a religious association. However, I was very disappointed when I actually visited the place. When I got off the school bus, I went around to observe the place and was discomforted. On the highest place of the mountain, a huge statue of Virgin Mary was looking down at the Flower Village. I felt as if I was kept under guard. Ignoring the statue, I followed the guide into the building. I was assigned to clean rooms of the grandmothers. When I entered their rooms, I was horrified by the statue of the Virgin Mary staring blankly at me with two deep round eyes. Her eyes seemed to follow me around the room and I tried hard to avoid her eyes. I felt the obligation to be Catholic, because I felt as if Virgin Mary had an insight into my heart. From the first room, I was almost chased out to another room. However, in every room, there was a statue of the Virgin Mary. I somehow had to get the work done. So, without lifting up my face, I managed to clean all the rooms. After, I went to a large reception room to get some rest. Having nothing to do, I blankly watched the television with other grandmothers. I watched the television for about 15 minutes and everything that I saw on the television was about Catholic; group of Catholics over the world placed their hands on each others’ shoulders and prayed to Virgin Mary. In the Flower Village I seemed to be a prisoner inside the Catholic birdcage. Everywhere I turned to, I found Catholicism. I felt as if the purpose of my service in Flower Village was to brainwash the homeless and abandoned and convert them into Catholic. I strongly felt that the Flower Village was exploiting them by taking away their right to choose religion. If they had helped them purely out of piety, they should give them freedom to choose their own religions. It made me to have antagonism towards the association. Their act of training humans like animals to believe in Catholic is just nauseous.

As a result, when I grow up, I want to show the world how most of the volunteer organizations are corrupted. I would do this by establishing an institution myself.  This charitable institution will not be related to religion in anyway shape or form. I would conduct the organization purely out of love and for the better humanity. If you would like to join me in the future, please leave a comment:)


June 1, 2010

This is the LAST blog post that I would be writing as a member of our 10A sophomore English class(T_T)
Looking back, I made great improvements throughout the year. Before taking Ms.P’s English class, I did not have any confidence in using English. I was a quiet student in all of my classes because I was afraid of making grammatical mistakes. However, in this English class, we were forced(maybe..?) to speak out and participate in class. We did several presentations in class that required a lot of talking. In the process of preparing for discussion leading, I gained confidence in using and writing English. I still make some mistakes when I speak English, but I can no longer imagine myself sitting quietly in an English class, just listening to others.
Not only my speaking skills, but my writing skills greatly improved. We wrote a couple of essays that required much of our analyzing skills. When we wrote an essay, if we used a quote from a text, we were required to write at least three consecutive sentences that analyzed the text. Also, by using DIDLS(Diction, Imagery, Detail, Language, Syntax) to thoroughly analyze a text, in my essays showed great improvement. In the beginning of the year, I thought it was impossible for me to improve my miserable English skills. Now, I have learned that it is possible for me to rescue my English skills, as long as I practice using it throughout my high school year.
Knowing that Ms.P is going to read my blog…^_^…I want to say to her:
Thank you so much for teaching me in my sophomore year!

Source: http://www.litweetup.com/wp-content/uploads/2009/11/thankyou_large.jpg

About the “poem”

April 28, 2010

Recently in English class, we read a poem. It was one of the most interesting poems I’ve ever read. It expressed a man’s love towards a woman. Their love seemed to last forever until it breaks by the people who envies their “sacred” love. Although it is very well-written, the poem itself is very personally written by using many strong verbs. His love soon died after their separation, and he is in melancholy for he misses his lover. I can never imagine myself loving someone to this extreme degree.

Guess the title of the poem!!


April 15, 2010

This really might sound nerdy…but sometimes I really enjoy learning. In the learning process, I always test my learning and is able to expand it to a greater range. I always look forward to the satisfaction that I achieve when learning and reviewing materials. There isn’t a limit to in the range of learning; it is all about one’s eagerness to learn more. As you ponder more to it, the puddle of knowledge seems to be greater and deeper. Most of the students are studying so hard to drink all the knowledge in puddle. Although it is impossible, the accomplishments that we make during the process is valuable more than anything else.

P.S. Before writing this short little paragraph, I thought I was studying because I am a student. But now that I think about it, I think I really enjoy learning.

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Literature as Film: Dracula

April 15, 2010

April 9th was our Snow Make-Up day. Each class was shortened to 45 minutes. As a result, in English class, we watched two films that were based on the book, Dracula. The one that we watched for most part of the class is a black and white film. For the last 5 minutes, we watched the movie that was recently produced. Ms. P. thought it was just way too inappropriate for us to watch the entire movie as a class. Each movie had its own unique interpretation of the text.
Surprisingly, the first movie did not include Jonathan Harker. In the book, he is one of the main characters who contributes a lot to destroy Count Dracula. However, in the movie, Renfield replaces his character. The movie starts off with Renfield traveling to Dracula’s Castle, Transylvania. Also, Mina was Dr. Sewerd’s daughter. I guess the author changed the character, because in the text she is Jonathan Harker’s fiance. I personally think it would have been better if the movie was based more on the text, not a person’s own interpretations.

On the other hand, the second movie that we watched was pretty interesting. I always imagined the scene in the movie when I was reading the book, except for the part where Dracula drank his love’s blood.

I know that own can interpret a text into various forms. However, the first film changed too many significant aspects that I could not quite understand or agree with it. Some of the small events could have been altered to get the point across. Lucy’s death in the movie came out only about 3 seconds in the movie. I thought it was one of the major events in the book. I don’t exactly get the message that the author was trying to get across. The second movie was started off by giving us some background information about Dracula. It was pretty effective for it caught my attention and agreement.


Room of improvement

April 7, 2010

My biggest weakness is that I talk about something continuously that others don’t care about. You guys all know that I lost TVXQ….right..? Unconsciously, I talk about them on and on, but none of my friends are really into them. One time one of my best friends said,
“I’m sorry, but  I really don’t care about TVXQ.”
and I would be a little bit embarrassed. I usually apologize to her and this awkward silence takes place between us.
Even my mom once told me that she is not interested in what I’m saying. I was talking to her over and over again about this drama. And after 15 minutes of talking my mom said the same thing

I love TVXQQQ!!!

April 6, 2010

Since we are given a chance to write about what we love, I shall write about TVXQ. As I am writing this post, I am listening to TVXQ’s You’re My Miracle in Rising Sun, their second album. Yes, I do admit the fact that I am obsessed with TVXQ. When I have time, I always watch TVXQ’s interviews, concert films, articles, etc. No matter where I am, I hum their songs to myself. Sometimes, it is excessive that my friends plead me to be quiet. When their songs come out in a department store, I almost danced along to it. I can talk just about them for more than three hours. I have never tried it before because people around me would be in pain. I am a member of their fan cafe, Yuerubi–it is recorded in the Guinness book as the largest fandom.
Many of you might ask…why do I love TVXQ out of many idols? There is one reason why; because they are PERFECT. Their visual is beyond any other idols. Also, almost every single song in their albums are sweet and touching. One of their most recent songs 時ヲ止メテ(tokiwotomete) is my favorite.

I used to like them just only as singers, but not anymore. They are my idols. Not that I want to become a member of an idol group, but I want to become the world’s best at something like them. Their success came from their endless passion and effort towards music.
Recently, there are facing the greatest crisis of disband. Three members sued  and eventually left the entertainment, SM entertainment. On the other hand, the two members are refusing to leave the entertainment. The disband of TVXQ has yet been formulated. Until now, the fans were relaxed by their ongoing activities in Japan. However, recently, their Japan entertainment had announced that they are halting all activity as TVXQ. Although, some people say that TVXQ is over, I do not believe so. I believe that they will soon come up with a solution to reunite, as a group with all five members in it. Because there are 800 thousand Cassiopeias (fandom) to support turn back to.
I am an eternal supporter of TVXQ.